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MobiSurg® is revolutionizing the field of outpatient surgery, by eliminating unnecessary tiers of service and significantly reducing costs to insurance companies and patients. With MobiSurg®, physicians and dentists can perform many routine procedures in their office thus reducing the costs associated with outpatient surgery.


MobiSurg® is the only accredited, mobile, ambulatory, medical surgical organization in the country and the only organization authorized to provide deep sedation and general anesthesia in physician offices in the State of California. Our combination of experienced medical personnel, board certified anesthesiologists, state-of-the-art equipment and convenient mobile operation, enables us to create a hospital-quality surgical setting in any physician’s office. We are completely self sufficient, and we bring everything to the doctor, turning their treatment room into a cutting-edge operatory. And because we can safely provide light sedation, deep sedation and general anesthesia, we are literally revolutionizing medical care one patient and one doctor’s office at a time at a significant savings to insurance companies.


At MobiSurg®, we provide an all-inclusive solution to outpatient procedures. Our fully staffed preoperative clinic provides a one-stop evaluation center for patients where they can get their history and physical, laboratory tests, EKG, and other diagnostic preoperative tests performed all at once. All testing, including preoperative X-rays are included in the perioperative services MobiSurg® provides. On the day of the procedure, our mobile surgical supply vehicle, outfitted with the latest hospital-grade equipment and supplies will arrive in the physician, surgeon or dental office, and within 45 minutes set up our operatory, and provide the highest quality and safest patient care possible. At the conclusion of the procedure, patients are recovered per industry standards and accreditation guidelines. Patient education and follow-up, which starts weeks before the procedure, when the case is booked, continues into the postoperative period, even after patients are discharged home. Our Quality Improvement Committee ensures that MobiSurg® provides the highest standard of medical care and continuously readjusts the bar to an even higher levels.


Dentistry: Full mouth restoration, root canals, extractions, cosmetic dental procedures, pediatric dentistry (including coexisting diseases and special needs children), endodontics, periodontics, and implant placement.

Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT): Myringotomy and placement of ear tubes, exam under anesthesia, excision of small cysts, masses, skin lesions, surgery of ear, removal of foreign body from nose or ear, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, irrigation and debridement of ear, temporal artery biopsy.

General Surgery: Hernia repair (inguinal, umbilical), breast biopsy, skin biopsy, excision of skin lesions or cancers, colonoscopy, anoscopy, removal of foreign body, removal of subcutaneous, soft tissue or fatty tumors, temporal artery biopsy, excision of simple breast masses.

Maxillofacial Surgery: Dentoalveolar surgery, head and neck cancer, cleft lip and palate, chronic facial pain disorders, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, dysgnathia, orthognathic, sleep apnea, osseointegrated dental implants, craniofacial prostheses, and bone anchored hearing aids.

OB/GYN: Exams under anesthesia, tubal ligation, vaginal rejuvenation, excision of cysts, biopsies, and minor dermatologic procedures.

Ophthalmology: Cataracts, lacrimal duct probing, excision of lesions such as stye, blepharoplasty, exam under anesthesia, laser surgery, and strabismus surgery.

Orthopaedics: Carpal tunnel release, excision of extra digits in children, closed reduction, casting, exams under anesthesia, manipulation under anesthesia, and any procedure of the hand.

Plastic Surgery: Blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, dermatologic procedures (Botox®, facial treatments, hair removal), breast implants, laser surgery, tattoo removal, laser resurfacing, removal of skin lesions, and varicose veins.

Podiatry: All podiatric procedures which can be performed in office, including bunionectomy, removal of foreign body, hammertoes, neuromas, ingrown toenails, and club feet.

Radiology: MRI (Pediatric and adults), CT (Pediatrics), breast biopsy, voiding cystourethrogram (in children), PET scans, and nuclear scans (in children or uncooperative adults).

Urology: Hernia repair, circumcision, vasectomy, cystoscopy, meatotomy, orchiectomy, cystogram, urethrogram, and lithotripsy.

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