Pediatric and Specialty Surgery Center of Orange County

Pediatric and Specialty Surgery Center of Orange County

dedicated to providing the highest quality care to children, adults and special needs patients suited specifically to your patient's age and personal needs

MobiSurg®, the first and only accredited mobile outpatient surgical organization in the State of California, is proud to present the Pediatric and Specialty Surgery Center of Orange County.

In conjunction with his staff, and with the guidance of pediatric doctors in the community, Dr. Shar Alikhani, Pediatric Anesthesiologist and Medical Director of MobiSurg®, has built a state of the art facility dedicated to the health and safety of Children, Adults and Special Needs Patients.

Now, MobiSurg® can offer you and your patients two unique and safe options for anesthesia and surgery. You can use MobiSurg’s fully accredited in-office mobile services for your surgeries, OR you can perform your procedures in our state of the art surgery center designed to meet the unique needs of children and their parents.

Our Passion

We are devoted to our patients: The new Pediatric and Specialty Surgery Center is dedicated to providing a safe solution to the care of pediatric and special needs patients. Our low-key, warm and welcoming atmosphere is designed to decrease anxiety and provide a relaxing atmosphere for patients with age- related or situational anxiety. We strive to bring you the latest and unsurpassed methods of induction of anesthesia, suited specifically to your patient’s age and personal needs. Our approach to patient care is present throughout the patient’s experience with us as we focus on the importance of intraoperative positioning, temperature control and the use of sensitive, hypoallergenic and latex free tapes and supplies. We are a completely latex-free facility.

Our staff of highly skilled, clinically focused, and specialty trained medical personnel are devoted to the care and safety of your patients as well as to providing an enjoyable and calming environment.

We are devoted to our patient’s families: Pediatric doctors and caring parents helped us to design our center to be child and family-friendly. From the minute patients and their families walk through our doors, we recognize their special needs and make them our first priority. We believe that the presence of loved ones decreases anxiety and improves healing, and our goal is to keep patients together with their parents and caretakers throughout as much of the surgical experience as possible. Children fall asleep and wake up in their parents arms. We make parents and caretakers an integral part of the entire process, and we ensure children are never without their parents in the recovery room.

Our Promise

We are devoted to our surgeons: The Pediatric and Specialty Surgery Center of Orange County is a unique individualized setting which enables us to solely devote our staff and facility to you and your patients. We value your time and make every effort to provide an environment where you can perform multiple procedures in the minimum amount of time. Our three-room recovery unit allows for an efficient and quick turnover of cases. On the day of surgery, the surgeon and their patient becomes our main focus. We provide the highest quality anesthesia and nursing care, focused on the special needs of your patients. Working at our facility is a seamless transition, and we make every effort to have our surgery center be an extension of your office. We are committed to ensuring that our center provides you the ultimate in operating experience, by being committed to efficiency, safety, and technology.

Operating rooms at the new Pediatric and Specialty Surgery Center of Orange County are equipped for performing general, dental. Oral, urologic, ENT, plastic and dermatolic surgeries.

• Safe. Convenient. Innovative.
• Centrally located adjacent to the Irvine Spectrum
• State of the art monitors and equipment
• Facility dedicated to you and your patients
• Fully equipped pre-operative clinic
• Private consultation rooms
• Conference room
• Private Recovery Area
• A safe surgical setting specializing in children and special needs patients