Mobile Anesthesia Offering Office Based Surgery in California

MobiSurg® is the only accredited mobile in-office outpatient surgery setting in the State of California. Our experienced, board certified and credentialed medical staff, in combination with our state-of-the-art equipment and convenient mobile operation, enables us to create a hospital-quality surgical setting in any physician or dental office. We bring everything to you, turning your treatment room into a cutting-edge surgical suite. This enables us to safely provide conscious sedation, deep sedation or general anesthesia with airway protection. We are literally revolutionizing medical care one patient and one doctor's office at a time.


At MobiSurg®, we handle all the details for you. As soon as your case is booked, our staff will perform a screening phone interview and review your patient's medical history. We will perform a preoperative history and physical, including all necessary preoperative diagnostic and radiological testing. On the day of the procedure, our mobile surgical supply vehicle, outfitted with the latest hospital-grade equipment and supplies will arrive in your office, and within 45 minutes set up our operatory, and be ready for your first case.

We are dedicated to patient comfort, and we make this process as easy as possible. There is no need for your patients to go to multiple locations to see their anesthesiologist, get their laboratory work, EKG, X-rays, and other diagnostic testing done. All testing, including, EKG and laboratory work, will be performed in our state-certified and accredited preoperative clinic. Your patients will enjoy the personal service, and our one stop, all-inclusive approach to medical care.

We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we bring all medical staff, including anesthesiologists, technicians and nurses with us. We also bring the latest in hospital-quality monitoring, anesthesia delivery, and resuscitation equipment. All medications and medical supplies are also supplied by our mobile organization. All equipment is checked periodically by our biomedical division, and all medications and supplies are purchased from reputable medical vendors who supply hospitals and surgery centers. In addition, we do not use any supplies from your office, and we take away all of our waste with us - including sharps and biomedical waste.

We supply your office with emergency lighting systems, backup electrical support, emergency evacuation plans, and state-inspected fire extinguishing capability, wireless communication devices, and oxygen delivery systems. We can provide surgical and medical support in situations where there is loss of electricity or in case of environmental disasters.


Why go through the trouble and hassle of booking your surgeries in a surgery center when you can call MobiSurg®? Allow us to bring the operatory to you. Now you can schedule most surgeries in your own office and have more time left over to see patients. Reserve your block from the convenience of your own office.

MobiSurg® eliminates much of the wasted practice time associated with traditional outpatient surgeries, such as wait and travel times, for both, you and your patients. Rather than having the schedules of other surgeons determine your own, now you can schedule surgeries in your own office, increasing your efficiency. And you ensure your patients' comfort and safety by using our highly trained staff, while also saving them money by reducing the additional, and usually costly, surgery center fee.


MobiSurg® can increase your revenue stream by providing full in-office outpatient surgical support, allowing you to concentrate fully on the procedure, knowing your patients are safely receiving the experience and care they deserve. Our special team and convenient mobile operation will help you take care of patients you may not otherwise be able to. MobiSurg® can assist you with:

  • Adults, Children, and Infants (6 months and older)
  • Special Needs Children (Down's Syndrome, Asthmatics, ADD/ADHD, Autism)
  • Special Needs Adults and Geriatric Patients (Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's, Dementia, Alzheimer's)


At MobiSurg®, we are a self-sufficient organization, dedicated to patient safety and comfort.

Call MobiSurg® today at (888) 662-4969 and let us help you expand your practice, increase your efficiency, and improve your patient satisfaction.

MobiSurg® is the first and only mobile medical-surgical provider accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC).